Old Rochester Youth Baseball

Frequenty Asked Questions

Updated Thursday April 14, 2016 by Old Rochester Little League.




When will practice and games be held?

Practice is determined by the individual Manager and coaches. Games are held on specific days depending on the age group that your child is in.

Majors – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Minors – Tuesday & Thursday

AAA -  Monday Wednesday & Friday

AA – Tuesday & Thursday – Brian Rose Clinic on Saturday Mornings

A –  One Game per week along with a Practice & The Brian Rose Clinic on Saturday Morning.

** Majors Minors & AAA will play a minimum of 2 games per week, and possibly more per week if weather conditions effect the playing field condition.

*** AA will place twice per week

**** A – will play once per week


Can my son be on the same team as all his friends?

The Majors, Minors, & AAA are the competitive levels of play in ORLL, teams are formulated for competitive balance based on player talent and ability. We strive to make the teams as balanced as possible for good experience for all players. Most requests to play on the same team as a friend are denied, however an extreme situation may be considered.

AA & A teams are made up by the commissioner, and in the spirit of making it a friendly environment where we encourage young players to learn to be part of a team, some request are honored.


Will my child play?

Little League baseball has minimum play rules which are followed without exception by Old Rochester Little League without question.

The Majors and Minors follow this rule, and also allow a continuous batting order insuring every player will have at least 2 at bats per game during the regular season.

The Younger age groups the focus is learning the game and fundamentals of play and sportsmanship. Although there are only 9 spots on the playing field every player will have a chance to play in the field and bat on a regular basis.


What field will my child practice on and where will the games be held.

 ORLL maintains field in all three Towns (Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester) games and practices can be held at any of these locations.


When will my child find out what team he is on and who his coach is?

The competitive levels of play require evaluations of all the players, this process can take several months to accomplish. Major league teams will be notified early in March. Minor League teams will be notified in Mid March and the remaining teams will be notified early in April prior to school vacation.


When is opening day?

Opening day for 2016 will be in Rochester MA on April 30, 2016 . Details regarding the parade will be provided by the Manager of your child’s team