Snack Shack Volunteer Schedule

Weeks 5 and 6

Updated Tuesday May 29, 2018 by Old Rochester Youth Baseball.


The league depends on your volunteer support to help operate the snack shack.   Thanks in advance for your help.   You son or daughter has a game at the park during your shift.   Any person over the age of 16 is able to complete the service.   We have a shack manager (Kirsten) who will be there to do the cooking. and explain what is needed from you.  You should plan to arrive 20-30min before game time and stay until completion of game, until the players have been served....usually about 15-20min.  

Another copy of the schedule is attached to this email as a pdf.  Specifally for weeks 3 and 4, which you are assigned.  Starting tomorrow June 9th

If you are unable to fullfil this requirement, please contact your coach to arrange another volunteer from your team.

Old Rochester Youth Baseball